Privacy Policy

Please note that by registering for this Plan You have consented to Us using Your information for the purposes of administering this Plan and to Us being able to transfer Your data outside of the Ghanaian Regional Sector for the purposes described within this Plan.


The information which You have supplied to Us maybe used by Us to supply You with services for which You have registered. We may use that information to contact You to obtain Your views on Our services, and We may contact You to inform You about important changes to the services We offer. We may contact You by post, mobile phone, text or e-mail. We will only contact You by the means You have requested to be contacted by. If You would prefer Us not to contact You to obtain Your views please contact Us at


To prevent fraud, We may exchange information with other service providers, and fraud prevention agencies. Your information will not be used or disclosed to any other party without Your permission unless required to by law.

Data Protection

We will only collect and use Your personal data in the following circumstances:


  1. Plan set up and management,


  1. We may collect and use Your name, identity and contact information, and personal information associated with Your Primary Extended Warranty Plan for the purpose of deciding whether to enter into, and when performing the agreement, between Us to provide You with Your Plan,


  1. We may use automated decision making procedures to decide on the availability of an Extended Warranty Plan and its terms. You may express Your views and request an individual review any automated decision by contacting Us at,


  1. We may share personal data collected with the Administrator to manage the Plan. We may also share personal data collected for these purposes with third parties. The sharing of this information will be for identifying, investigations and checking purposes and to identify potential fraud,


  1. We will retain the personal data used to decide whether to enter into an Extended Warranty Plan for 6 years. We will retain the personal data used to manage and administer the Plan for the duration of the Plan life plan 6 years.


Any information provided to us will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the prevailing Data Protection Legislation.

Your Personal Data Rights

We may send Your information to companies located outside the Regions of Ghana. If We transfer Your information to parties outside Ghana We will ensure that they apply the same levels of protection as we are required to apply to information held in the Republic of Ghana and to use Your information only for the purposes that we are permitted.


You have the following rights:


  1. To have access a copy of the personal data We hold about You.
  2. To ask Us to correct Your personal data if it is inaccurate or incomplete.


  1. To ask Us to erase Your personal data. We will provide You with a written response to any such request, including any reasons why We do not agree to the request.
  2. To stop Us processing Your personal data in certain ways, e.g. for marketing purposes. If We do not agree to


Your data because it might be needed for a future legal Claim, We might instead agree to restrict its processing to these reasons alone.


  1. To obtain a copy of Your personal data for Your own purposes and to move, copy or transfer it from one environment to another.


  1. To object to processing for purposes of direct marketing, profiling, and research if that processing is likely to cause, or is causing, You damage or distress unless there is another legitimate reason for the processing.
  2. You can exercise the above rights by contacting:


If You have any questions or concerns about how We handle Your personal data You should contact: Please note that We record telephone calls for training and evidentiary purposes.