Get extended warranty for your mobile, tablets, laptops and more with Gadget Care Plan

Our customers love us

24 Hr call and support center

Phone upgrade

Relax, we’ve got you covered

We have the capacity to repair and replace thousands of customer phones every month, here's a look at what's covered

Out-of-warranty breakdowns

Phone breaks out of warranty, no worries you're covered

Care Plan for all Smart Phones

We cover all gadget

Group/Family Gadget Warranty

We cover up to 5 gadgets for the family

Accidental damage

Don't worry we can usually repair this device so its a good as new

Theft or loss

Phones been snatched, don't stress we've got your back

We do things differently.

Our warranty is simple and hassle free so you don't need to worry, we've got you covered!

We understand it's stressful to be without your phone, that’s why we aim to get you back up and running quickly after your claim is approved. While we aim for 48-72 hours, some repairs may take a little longer.
We reward our careful customers. If you and your connections don’t make a claim we return a percentage of your plan subscription back or added to your next annual plan at the end of every year.
We have our customers backs and we're here to protect you when you need us. That's what warranty is for after all.
We cover all other phones and second hand devices.

Download our app and prove to us your device is in good working order and the screen isn't cracked by taking a selfie of your phone!
So, if something unfortunate happens and you haven't validated your phone with our app Terms and Conditions may apply

Reward when you don't claim

We offer reward if you and your friends don't claim. What's stopping you? Join the G-Care Club revolution now!

How it works

If you and your friends take good care of your phones and don’t need to claim, we’ll give you a percentage of your subscription payment back at the end of your G-Care plan year.

Be careful

Make a pact with your connections to take good care of your phones throughout the policy period and make no claims.



For every person you connect with, we'll add up to 10 points to your reward pot. If neither of you make a claim, your cash will be returned to you at the end of your G-care plan year.

Get rewarded

At the end of G-care year and your connections haven't claimed, your Reward Pot is paid out to you or added to your next year plan. Hooray!


Our hassle-free claims process

Need to claim, here's what happens

Launch your claim online

Is your phone lost, stolen or broken? Claiming with G-Care is easy, fast and pain-free. Get started using our online claims portal below

Review Claim

Our claims team will review your claim and reach out with a request for any further details or documents

Approve Claim

Once approved, we take your excess payment over the phone and aim to repair or replace your phone within 48-72 hours

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